Online Dutch Lessons for Expats

Online Cursussen Nederlands voor expats

Dutch Den Bosch biedt maatwerk, dus de trainingen Nederlands worden op uw persoonlijke wensen afgestemd. Alle cursussen worden online gegeven. De cursussen zijn individueel of in een kleine groep te volgen.

Dutch Den Bosch biedt trainingen NT2 aan op verschillende niveaus:

  • A0 > A1 (beginner)
  • A1 > A2 (intermediate)
  • A2 > B1 (advanced)
  • A0 > A1 (beginners)
  • A1 > A2 (intermediate)
  • A2 > B1 (advanced)
Dutch Den Bosch biedt lessen NT2 op verschillende niveaus aan.

Inna: Learning with Ester is so much fun! She makes the Dutch language easy to understand, and I learn so much. I look forward to our classes every week. She is my favourite teacher to ever have in my life!

Yulia: The best language course, I have ever had: very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, a lot of progress in a very short time and amazing lessons that I am looking forward for every time. I highly recommend Dutch course with Ester for everyone who wants to learn with joy.

Victor: Since I began taking this class with Ester I have been improving my dutch level and I feel more comfortable now communicating. Exactly what I needed, after four years living in the Netherlands.
Dutch has not been an easy language for me, even though I speak other languages. The specialized attention to my language needs have made me improve my dutch level and I can't be thankful enough. I am very happy and satisfied with the results so far, after working together only for a few months.

Samira: Although the Dutch language is difficult to learn, the way Ester teaches us the course makes it easy for us to understand this language and learn it quickly.

Natali: Thank you very much for not only teaching me grammar, but also introducing me to the way of life and tradition in the Netherlands. Unique approach.

Pankaj: Ester has a very structured/ objective based, yet highly adaptable approach to teaching, which has been extremely effective. We work together through a great course, which I have found very useful with respect to building a good vocabulary and understanding of Dutch grammar.


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